Sessions and Speakers




Kathy Fraley, CIC

Kathy's career spance over 30 years in commercial insurance as form Direct for Travelers Services Center and as partner with
Propel/Bratrud Insurance Agency in Washington State.

Kathy is a long time Education Consultant for The National Alliance CIC program.

She advocates informing and teaching agent producers and agency managers the latest practices and issues that face today's insurance
business market on EPLI issues, Commerciall lines Issues, Law and Ethics.

Tuesday Morning Session: Why Don't You Sell Employers Practice Liability Policies - 3 CE MT

Cyber is one of the fastest growing claims issues.  We have many items in the ‘cloud’ or other place.  What protection is in place and what does our client due to protect their clients. 
Coaching on what to do if a breach happens.  Determine the clients impacted, some may not be easily identified.  Online security systems, does it cover the client and/or consumers
and for what?   Policy resources to assist clients revamp systems after a breach.

Discussion on the first party- insured – how to notify employees and customers.  Reputation and loss of income while system is upgraded and business is not as usual, extortion
money from hackers, credit monitoring for clients customers.

Discussion on 3rd Parties – lawsuits from customers on privacy information,  fines from regulatory agencies,  breach of contract or negligent claims


Tuesday Afternoon Session: Impacts of Cyber Liability & Ransomware on Clients - 2 CE MT

The course is designed to show how clients can easily get into trouble with questions, remarks, hiring, termination and various inappropriate behaviors not only for their agency but for their clients as well.  Additional emphasis on understanding coverage issues, various endorsements and privacy concerns will be discussed protecting the clients and their customers.

Items will also include what the customer/consumer may need to have based on insurance coverages. Along with identifying issues they need to change in their business plan.